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you survive a worse case scenario. >>> and taylor gets glam. she's mus musimusic's golden su selling concerts and her new single "we're never ever getting back together." we go behind the scenes for her "glamour" cover shoot. taylor swift on money, music and love. >>> plus -- cover girls from emma watson to mila kunis. what's it take to make the gofr of the biggest-selling fashion magazine in america? we're there. >>> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight the view from inside a cash landing. it's an extraordinary experiment a team of expert whose rigged a 727 jet with cameras and test dumbies and then crashed it into a mexican desert. the point? to see if there are ways to help passengers survive when the unthinkable happens. and the answer could be as simple as choosing the right seat. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> plane is now on remote. >> the most critical phase is right now. >> reporter: you're watching the final moments of one of the most dramatic one-way trips ever recorded. >> don't need seat belts no more. here we go. >> reporter: the daring pilots all wearing parach
brand-new album rocketing to an instant number one around the world. taylor swift gets ready to take times square, live. ♪ >>> and a cast of thousands out there in times square, right now. you would think it is new year's eve. but, no. they are here for taylor swift this morning. look at that huge crowd. up and down 44th street. everyone waiting for taylor swift. good morning, america. hi to robin back home. we're on fire very big morning. amy, a big night last night on the the presidential debate. a real contrast in strategies. president obama, the aggressor last night. mitt romney struck a more moderate tone. he was blaring the differences. >> contrast in strategies. but they were essentially in agreement on nearly every issue last night. that was striking. >> and as we said, the first polls overnight from cbs news give president obama a much bigger win. closer in cnn. the big question right now, was it enough to break the deadlock? we're going to hear from vice president biden and congressman ryan just ahead. >>> and 14 days to go. until election day. "your voice, your vote." an
>>> and taylor swift turns times square red this morning, as we're set to go one on one with the hottest music star on the planet. her unprecedented two-day appearance begins right now. >> well, good morning, america. this is going to be so good! ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >>> turning times square red, and times square is so packed this morning. take a look at this moment. taylor swift, just a few minutes ago, liarriving in times square. they've been lined up all weekend long to see taylor swift. >> you can see why her brand-new album, "red" is shooting to number one on itunes. look at all those fans. you're going to go one on one. >> one on one with taylor swift. >>> good morning, america. as you know, robin is home recovering from her bone marrow transplant. we're glad to have amy robach here. tonight in boca raton, florida, there you see the table where mitt romney and barack obama will be sitting down with bob schieffer. foreign policy is the focus tonight. but, boy, this debate could not be more important. this race is as tight as it can possibly be. >> wow, thos
back together ♪ ♪ >>> and taylor swift in times square this morning as we're set to go one-on-one with the hottest star on the planet. her unprecedented two-day appearance begins right now. >> well, good morning, america. this is going to be so good! ♪ >>> in times square, "red," abdom and times square is so packed. take a look. taylor swift in times square. they've been lined up all weekend long to see taylor swift. >> you can see why it's shooting to number one on itunes. look at all those fans. we're going one-on-one. >> one-on-one with taylor swift. good morning, america, as you know, robin is home. we're glad to have amy robach here. tonight in boca raton, florida, there you see the table where mitt romney and barack obama will be sitting down with bob schieffer. foreign policy is the focus tonight. this race as title as it possibly can be. >> wow, those chairs -- we also have our eye on a tropical system right now. could become a tropical storm, sam says in the next 24 to 48 hours. it could be heading for the east coast as well later this week. we know sam has his e
affirmative action. attorney steven taylor who says they say they want to help but universities won't admit it. both guests have actually filed briefs on this fisher-u.t. case. mr. taylor, you first. what will be ms. fisr's arguments since she was on the 10% requirement that would have granted her admission based on her accomplishments. >> her argument is university of texas are violating principles the supreme court laid down in its last affirmative cases in 2003. in particular, universities said they could use race but they could not engage in racial balancing which means they could not seek proportional representation of the population. university of texas overtly does that. the court said you have to phase ou racial preferences within 25 years. nine of those years are gone, and it's quite clear, in part because of the slowness of working towards racial proportionality and what they call critical mass of every minority in every classroom, it's quite clear that the university of texas is on a trajectory that would extend racial preferences for many, many decades, and that clearly violates th
about which of taylor swift's exes she may really be singing about on her album. >>> and kanye west may be about to put a ring on it. are he and kim kardashian about to get engaged, really? which story will be number one? well, the big reveal is coming up. we'll begin with our first top story of the night. it is today's top three showbiz news breaker. kicking it off at number 3, i'd like to you take a look at this. the overweight college student who has become an overnight celebrity after posting this picture of herself on her tumbler page, as you see, wearing a bikini with the message, this is my body. if you don't like it, that's your problem, deal with it. her name is shelly boonshot, and on the "today" show, she explained why she did it. >> the way i saw it was that every single day, i'm bombarded, especially living in new york city, with images of naked women or half naked women and they all look the same. they all have had same kind of body type. somehow that's okay, but god forbid we put someone like me who is a size 12 on the billboard. >> right on. now stella is steering this,
. >> reporter: nobody would ever question whether shane taylor cares for animals. he would take in anything that needed a temporary home but his rescue efforts were doing more harm than good. he's only 21 but shane taylor said his whole life has been about animal. he got his first bird at 18. the second one came a few years later. taylor built up a reputation as an animal rescuer. >> people call me and ask can you find a home for my bird, for the animal or my friend has this but not taking care of it. can you talk to them and maybe let you take it. >> reporter: three birds, two snakes and a dog but he had a men nag ri of rescue an animals, turtles, snakes, salt water, fresh water fish, a brown colored raccoon. he wasn't taking care of all 40 of the animals proplerly. >> they were exotic species and didn't have their basic needs met. >> reporter: they first went to taylor's house back in the summer. he gave up 10 animals then and promised to make changes in the way he cared for them. at the time he acquired more animals and the conditions were just as bad. taylor said he was caring properly
at the time. >>> and love lessons. taylor swift talks about her relationships past and present, in her most candid interview yet. what does she really think of john mayer? and did she really kidnap a kennedy? the country darling opens up. >>> do you want to repeat that on-air, dan, what you just said? >> i'm getting abused here. >> this is my jam is what dan harris said. >> even news anchors get a little emo at times, people. >>> with three days until the next presidential debate, team obama is soliciting celebrity help this morning. what role will bruce springsteen and morgan freeman play. >>> and is the attack in benghazi a potent issue for them. >>> police cracking down on people selling prescription drugs online. and you won't believe who got busted. this is a booming business, dan. >>> and as a vocal advocate for pet adoption, i love this story, coming up later in the half hour. what a shelter dog by the name of duke did to save a 9-week-old infant. this is going to be enough to make bianna finally adopt. >>> we begin with the severe weather that will pound the midsection of the nation
ahead. >>> plus why taylor swift is calling out former flame john mayer. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. if the u.s. goes over the so-called fiscal cliff in january, it will cost almost 90% of americans more in taxes for a total of $536 billion. taxes for a typical middle income family making 40 to $64,000 a year could go up by $2,000. >>> in california, governor jerry brown signed a bill that would allow half a million young illegal immigrants who qualify for the new federal work permit program to obtain driver's licenses. >>> near hong kong at least 36 people were killed when a boat filled with holiday party goers collide d with a ferry and sank. it is the deadliest accident there in years. police say six crew members have been arrested. >>> in canada fireballs rose from a warehouse housing highly explosive racing car fuel. scores of home had to be evacuated. no injuries and so far no word on what caused the fire. >>> the white house is lit up in pink to mark ok a
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for killing ipad sales. could this man be our next treasury secretary? stanford professor john taylor on how to balance our nation's books. the economy in the third quarter growing just slightly better than expected, arriving at a 2% annual rate. that was up from second-quarter growth from 1.3%. how are investors reacting to that? stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole: good morning, everybody. when you look more closely into the number and then maybe people have been doing exactly that and that is why we have a negative number here on wall street for the dow jones industrials. this gain came from americans using their own income, buying products and services. that is not the case. the formula is comprised of several factors, one of which is pending by the federal government. it turns out they did more spending and that is why gdp got a pop. back to you. dagen: thank you so much. breaking news right now. the national hurricane center releasing its latest advisory on hurricane sandy and the storms track. sandy is still a category one storm wi
. >>> and taylor swift speaks out for the first time about her high-profile relationship with the kennedys. opening up about her success and her brand-new camelot romance. >> there's a lot of talk about you and the kennedys these days. >> is there? do tell. >>> and good morning, everyone. we hope you had great weekend. we got news from robin over the weekend. >> we did. >> she's been tweeting this morning. a special request for everyone at home. >>> it's great to be able to say that robin is doing very, very well. we'll hear more from her. it's monday morning. >>> also ahead, arnold schwarzenegger is here for the first live interview since his book is out. he's opening up now about the moment he confessed to his wife, maria shriver about having an affair with the family housekeeper. >> the book is called "toting recall." >>> superstar lindsay lohan accusing an aide of assault. he's got a thing for getting in famous pictures. >>> we want to get to josh. the american airlines scare. >> they had to make an emergency landing because of some of the seats in the cabin got loose. abc's senior corresponden
's still the queen when it comes to highest paid women? >>> plus, why taylor swift is calling out former flame john mayer. taylor, i feel like i need to give her a dating guide or something. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> here's what people are talking about. on saturday night, justin bie r bieber -- justin bieber threw up on stage during the first stop of his concert tour. even weirder, the sound of bieber throwing up just hit number one on the billboard chart. it's pretty good. you can dance to it. >> it's got a beat. >> it's that or "gangnam style." >> tonight jimmy welcomes cnn's anderson cooper, actress gimmer and kendrick lamar. that's tonight on your local nbc station. >>> all right, it's time now for some entertainment news. apparently the kristen stewart cheating scandal has not damaged robert pattinson's stock, thankfully. the star has been named world's se
taylor swift. >> what's it like hanging out with taylor swift? >> well, what fun? i mean, she is such a delight. the thing about taylor, she's so game. she'll go sailing, she never sailed. she'll drag behind the boat, she's never done that. she plays flashlight tag at night, they're all running around bumping into each other and falling into bushes. she's remarkable. >> our thanks for mrs. kennedy for our time together. there's more of our interview on our website >>> that is our broadcast for a tuesday evening. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams. one last reminder, we're back on the air tonight 9:00 eastern, 6:00 on the west coast, with our live nbc news debate coverage. we, of course, hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night. -- captions by vitac --
's name. she would be jessica timberlake. >>> 22-year-old taylor swift and 18-year-old conor kennedy have reportedly called it quits. new song ensues. this because of distance and her busy schedule. radaronline quotes a source saying connor freaked out because taylor moved way too fast. speaking of moving way too fast. tmz reports she still plans to buy the $4.5 million home. >> when kennedy asked if they were ever getting back together, taylor handed him an iphone and said, play track six. >>> this comes from wsab 3 in savannah, georgia, where one south carolina woman is showing us it is better late than never. >> i feel good. >> saying she feels good, 108-year-old joanna jenkins will exercise her vote for the first time ever in this election. she's unable to read or write and lacks a state-issued i.d. her family didn't think she would be eligible to vote. with help she is registered as an absentee voter. there you go. everyone should get out and vote. i'm lynn berry. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> in china, one set of bakers can exp
. >>> just ahead, a very funny michelle obama. >>> plus what's behind taylor swift's latest split? jimmy fallon has fun with it. you're watching "first look," on msnbc. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. (blowing sound) ask your doctor about spiriva. >>> time for entertainment news. "silent hill" wi
to a well preserved note left in the wilderness. tim taylor wrote a note to the mountains in 1972. at the time he was a 13-year- old boy scout. he climbed to a peek and tucked the note inside a metal film canister. now 40 years later, a man hiking with his grandson climbs the same peek and finds the note. a newspaper ran the story on it and one of taylor's friends saw it and pointed it out to him. >> you're not going to believe this. you're in the paper for a note you left 40 years ago on some mountain top up in the sierra. >> the newspaper story helped connect taylor who is now 53 and living hundreds of miles away in san diego with the man who found his note. >>> still ahead, it is offered everything from yachts to customized libraries. dancing fountains even in the past. some of the high lights from this year's high end holiday wishing catalog coming up. >>> did health officials respond quickly enough to that outbreak of meningitis? we'll speak with some patients who say that they were left in the dark. that is tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> going back to the track, to t
smaller than other targets. merchandise also taylored for an urban customer with smaller living space. >> you are not going to find large patio sets. 36 pack of paper towels. looking to make sure we edit our assortment down for the urban guest. >>reporter: store created 300 jobs. more than half going to city rest dechbilitys the retailer also trying out new concept in san francisco. selling athletic clothing in a separate store. if it works out it willuplate the concept other cities. >> we have a remkable sry to share with you now. kind of a message in the bottle found on dry land. backpacker came across a handwritten note left 40 years ago in a remote part of the sierra and then set out to contact the author. jonathan has this incredible tale. >> came over shephard pass that is steep pass. >>reporter: he has been backpacking his whole life. in nearly 70 years he thought he had seen it all. he hadn't until now. >> august 17, 1972. >>reporter: at the top of unnamed mountain so remote it took him 5 days to get there he found this perfectly preserved piece of paper. handwrit
performance by nebraska's taylor martinez who led his squad back against northwestern. taylor martinez here, can you see them marching down and trailing for the wildcats but a good strike. >> very improved passing game this year. taylor martinez. >> northwestern though with one last chance on the field goal, and you can see from 52 yards out, just sails wide and it's a little short. right now let's take you back to overtime, tcu and texas tech. >> here we are overtime about to begin. texas tech had a 36-26 lead with just a couple minutes to go. about three in the third quarter and tcu comes back. i guess more like four, and now we're looking at overtime for gary patterson's horned frogs and tommy tuberville's raiders. let's review the rules to see who gets the football first. you have the coin toss and each team gets a possession from the 25 yard line until we decide a winner. no game clock but the play clock is in effect and after the first two overtimes you've got to go for two. here's the referee. interesting that michael brewer, the redshirt freshman quarterback is out there for texas t
responses. we were able to take and provide a taylored response package to better serve the customer. again, we don't want to go in with a full package that the state or civil environments aren't really asking for, we want to be sure it's taylored appropriately and it's responsive and timely. we also had the humanitarian assistance coordination center. that's the place we were able to take the non-governmental agencies and the hoetion nation international agencies and have them interacting and coordinating with the military folks so that we were able to provide an understanding of how we all work together. so if you want additional information, if you want to talk to captain napalitano, he is the commanding officer for the expeditionary training group, and he is the -- in charge of the people that train and certify that crisis response adaptive force package. his folks also put together the different events for this, for the exercise. the apan provides us an opportunity to be able to share this information with others who want to share the information and be able to share what we did onli
21 year old shane taylor kept more than 0 animals.. including tto dogs.. turtles.. birds.. snakes and a potbelly pig... inside his home.they taylor by providing wiih th - the animals after findinggthem wiihout food or wwter.but they say he didn't follow their instructions.. so the animall had to be the owner says they have heewrong soon assthey are ready for adoption i find them a home ttat takee up one less &pspace that can help nn more . animal....(9959)its all been out of thekindness of my heart i trulyyhave been doing beccuse..officials say several charggs are ending. p3 the orioles goo ddminated by tampa bay's pitcher laat night.... but still managed to pull out a victory in the second to last game of the seeson. seasonn but tte red sox could ot beat theeyynkees, so new ork keeps a one gameelead in the american league east with one game left to play... t. tonighh. last night this was the only mistake rays pitcher james shields made..... he struck out 15 orioles, but not chris davis here. davis the huge blast, by homering in 6 straight gamessnow. a
we know this was coming? we did. 22-year-old taylor swift and conner kennedy reportedly called it quits. a few month of dating, that was about it because of the distance and her busy schedule. tmz reports that she plans to buy that $4.5 million home across from ethyl kennedy. awkward. >>> last night jimmy fallon had a little fun with the breakup. >> when kennedy asked if they were ever getting back together taylor handed him an ipod and said play track six. >> i can't get that song out of my head. >> will it be a dear conner song? >> we predicted this. >> i like to feel bad for conner, but he's a kennedy. >> good point. >>> this comes to us from savannah a, georgia, i one south carolina woman is showing us it's better late than never. >> i did vote. >> she feels good. she says 108-year-old joanna jenkins will exercise her right to vote for the very first time this election. her family didn't think she would be eligible to vote, but with some help she is registered as an absentee voter. >>> i'm lynn berry, this is "early today." president obama: there's just no quit in america..
... and many of hem were wwthout food or water.animal conntol says theyy tried tt work with taylor to animals... but he didnnt follow tteir iistructions. taylor was served with a frederick county police ssy a man is being trrated at shock trauma fttr being accidentally shot by his 12 &pyear old on.police say the boy fired a gun, and the bullet ricocheted off a trrck chargessare expected word on the man's conditioo 3his morningg parriage intennifies....ith morr and moreecommeeccals before thhy head to the polls in november.buu aa john ryddll explains... membbrs of tte clergy emain deeppy ivided over the issue. issue. "calling on alllvotersswwthin maryllnn tt do that which is pnccudes 's a group that - pastors...a rabbi...even aanun. (gramick) "and i hope thaa the cctholics of this state will poin e and mmst faithful patholics across the couutry in some cases....hey are defying the traditional beliefs... oo their own pellgions. ut these cllrgy memberr are standing firm in their supporr for same-sex marriage.(shepherd) "i am one of hose who believe ouur leesain and gay siste
in the desert. inside the unprecedented discovery test that could make all of us safer. >>> and taylor swift speaks out for the first time with her high-profile relationship with the kennedys. opening up to "glamour" and abc news. >> there is a lot of talk about you and the kennedys these days. >> there is? >> there is. do tell. ♪ >>> and good morning, everyone. we hope you had a great weekend. we got news from robin over the weekend. she's recovering from her bone marrow transplant. she's tweeting out this morning and she's got a special request for those at home. we'll get to that. >> robin is doing really, really well. we will hear from her. >>> also ahead in this half hour, arnold schwarzenegger is here for his first live interview since his bombshell new autobiography is out today. about the moment he confessed to maria shriver about his affair with the housekeeper. >>> and more drama for lindsay lohan. the superstar accused of assaulting someone over the weekend. there he is. he's got a penchant for getting his picture taken with famous people. there's paul ryan. and the charges have
taylor. after we hear the number at 8:30 eastern time, we'll talk about what the news means for the obama and romney campaigns. our ges both served as chairman of the economic advisers. austan goolsbee and ed lazear under president obama. but first this morning's headlines. >>> you wanted music but you didn't pick this? >> no but it didn't bother me until you started mocking it. >> she want us just to talk, no music. >> let's get to spain and its finance minister. sparking laughter from an audience in london today, why he told a group of academics that his country doesn't need a bailout at all. that's interesting. the minister is arguing that madrid's reform program right now is already sufficient to stave off a full sovereign bailout and the ecb's bond buying program would suffice. to help spain recover. that's apparently how it started, with -- you can imagine -- that's bad for confidence of the minister of spain where he's telling an audience, we don't need a bailout and then you hear a whole auditorium laughing. morgan stanley is warning that more pay cuts are coming. in an interview
-span's live coverage starts at 7 eastern.xd the aclu racial justice project and authors stewart taylor discuss the university of texas case and the role of affirmative action in today's society. from "washington journal," this is 40 minutes. >> host: for the next 45 minutes, a discussion about the supreme court and talk on affirmative action. joining us, the author of "mismatch," and welcome. >> nice to be with you. >> host: joining us from new york, the aclu racial justice program serving on the senior staff, welcome. >> thankou. >> host: the supreme court heard a case this week dealing with affirmative action so tell us what happened. >> guest: sure. the case pending before the court was brought by a young lady named abigail fisher, and she said based on race, she was violated, and basically our position in that of many other organizations and individuals was that the university of texas has a fair process in place that expands opportunity for all people and should be allowed to have additional factors in addition to scores to create a learning environment to benefit all students preparing t
a really cool story of an unlikely hero. we saw this story on ktxa. you see officer billy taylor running away from a suspect. the suspect allegedly high on pcp. that's samuel dewey jackson attacking officer taylor. >> oh, my goodness. >> officer taylor has his billy club out but that doesn't seem to have any affect on the suspect. >> he really went ballistic. he was going after anybody that got in front of him. >> in steps 45-year-old charles alexander. you see him pulling the suspect away, and then eventually body slams him. >> something i had to do. he went straight for the officer. and i was -- it wasn't doing any good. this guy was really pcp'd out. >> he's a homeless man. a former cripp gang leader and drug dealer. >> oh, my goodness. what an interesting turn of events. >> right. he says in was a point in time in his life where he would not have assisted the cops. obviously, when he was back with his gang. >> he's obviously turned his life around and now is trying to do good, and in this case he did. >> officer taylor was by himself. you quickly see in the video, once alexander help
, a state correspondent for the associated press. and guy taylor, the state department correspondent at the "washington times." whereby to start by talking about libya. president obama was on a daily show last night with jon stewart, japan had serious, it is talking about -- he had serious comments. >> part of the investigation, helping communication between its divisions of a not just what happened in benghazi, but what happened -- it was not the optimal response. at least to the american people as far as all being on the same page. >> backwater of americans get killed -- it is not optimal. -- it four americans get killed -- it is not optimal. we are going to fix it. the government is a big operation. at any given time, something screws up and you make sure you figure out what is broken and you fix it. whatever else i have done throughout the course of my presidency, one thing i have been clear about is america's security comes first, and the american people need to know exactly how i make decisions when it comes to war, peace, national security and protecting americans. they will c
bombshells about the 17-year-old boy accused of killing little jessica ridgeway. >>> and taylor swift may have something new to sing about. reports right now that the superstar singer and conor kennedy have broken up. >>> and meet oscar. he's travelled the world to more than 30 countries on an epic trip. now, he's here live in times square. hi, oscar. the world to more than 30 countries on an epic trip. now, he's here live in times square. [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, zip zip zip zip zip! i'm literally getting zinged by the flavor. smooth, but crisp. velvety. kind of makes me feel like a dah zing yah woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. woooo! skip-a-year mortgage sweepstakes today. up to five winners will get to skip a year of mortgage payments... courtesy of quicken loans. in other wor 21......shane taylor.....says his calling is cleaa.....(5:39) i've worked at the patuxent the national aquarium in animal controll....taylor kept more than 40 animaas.....including two exotic birds.....snakes.....and (7:32)he is 100 percent potty trained e lived in the house while he was here.....but control officers.....gave taylor a clean &pup......or we will.....(43:39) they were subpar conditions not even there basic needs were bbing on september 277......aal the animals were seized...... (13:22)closets ripped apart dresser drawers pulled out dumped everything thrown everywhere....officials say..........most offthe animals were without food or water......and several quail taylor says......the dead - qqail were used assfood...... &p(9:24)im not the one that did offers refuge foo most of the animaas.....(10:21)iveebeen takknggcare of animals sincc i could oneeelse wants....(9:33)soonnas they are ready for adoption i find them a home that takes up one less space that can help one more animal....some of the animmls.....a og....the s
are still monitoring the right it has been a difficult area. we will see how it goes today. >> taylor swift in the hollywood minett but it. >> there could be new breakup song. conner kennedy are calling it quits and her new album is called 'red'... she is known for compiling her issues on her lyrics. >> elizabeth taylor has surpassed on the forbes list of highest and come dead celebrities. $210 million. michael jackson was $145 million. most of that came from the record-breaking estate auction. jewelry, costumes, artwork. and ad --adele is the recording artist for the latest james bond movie that produced daniel greg to tears. ... >> this latest from at&t park. more changes coming to oakland and the law enforcement. what the c h p is doing and weather and traffic on the comeback when we come back. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. (cheers & applause) >> that is taking care of business that the giants are going to detroit. two-0. on the victorious side. we will have more highlights but first we have some developing news. >> this is out of san franci
and jackson use a middleman named donald taylor to recruit scammers across the country to go into banks. >> donald taylor was sort of the johnny appleseed of this bank fraud. he would travel around the country and bring in people to the scheme. >> narrator: he brings in the montana crew, a team in indiana, and scammers in arizona, using a simple pitch. >> taylor basically approaches people, saying, "this is fast, easy money, a quick way to make $2,000." >> narrator: the male-female dynamic at work in these crews follows a pattern. pimps recruited by taylor send young women, dubbed "runners," into the banks. they take most of the risk, but keep just a fraction of the money. >> this scheme could not have worked without the ability of men to manipulate these women who were going into the banks. >> narrator: barksdale disagrees. from july of 2006 through the beginning of 2008, money stolen in banks trickles back to sacramento in small chunks -- $4,000 here, $5,000 there, deposited into accounts belonging to barksdale and jackson. it all adds up. >> nationwide, about $2.5 million was taken d
hollywood stars. >> reporter: rather frugal. she edged out taylor swift by a cool mill. all earnings from may of 2011 and 2012 were because of the world tour. we reached out to the spears da camp. they said hit me baby one here time. no, no, no. >> ding, ding, ding. no, no, no. >> ding, ding, ding. >> livinare we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? [ male announcer ] it's the age-old question of travel. the same one we ask ourselves every day. is it the safest, the most efficient? have we created the kind of vehicle to move not just people... but an industry forward? are we there yet? are we really? [ male announcer ] are we there yet? we are, for now. introducing the all-new seven passenger gl. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. looks like your bags didn't make it. we'll send them to your hotel. [ sad music playing ] this is fun. [ sad music continues ] [ knock on door ] your bags, sir. thanks. both: finally! one taste, and you'll understand. enjoy delicious dunkin' donuts coffee anytime. best vacation ever! pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'. i don
victoria brown. >> stephanie: and also music legend james taylor. >> wow. >> stephanie: sometimes i impress myself. >> i understand he has seen fire and he has seen rain. [ applause ] >> stephanie: very very exciting. james taylor. his music makes me cry -- >> makes you cry? >> stephanie: because we all have a james taylor memory. >> oh. did you kiss your high school boyfriend to this? >> stephanie: no, i dry humped bread, as we all know. haven't we all been paying attention -- >> i thought you said bread. >> yeah. >> stephanie: actual loaf of bread. there was no boyfriend involved just me and the bread. and it was wonder bread, and it was too soft to get any traction really. >> who needs a boy when you have bread. >> stephanie: right? >> yeah. >> stephanie: okay. >> james taylor just hung up -- he canceled. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: hey, guess what we do have we have a par-tay. new york city it's the big one tomorrow night at the beacon. i was just talking to roland before the show. i used to live right there and the fact that i'm going to play at the beacon theater
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